2017 CAR

Technical Specifications

Overall Dimensions (mm)

Length: 2645

Width: 1380

Height: 1190

Wheelbase & Track (mm)

Wheelbase: 1595

Front Track: 1350

Rear Track: 1200

Center of Gravity Design Height (mm)

CG Height: 0.4

Confirmed Via: tilt

Mass without driver (kg)

Front: 99.0

Rear: 131.0

Total: 230.0

Weight Distribution with driver (%)

Front: 43.0

Rear: 57.0

Left: 49.8

Right: 50.2


Frame Construction: Space Frame Chassis

Material: 4130 Chrome Molybdenum Steel

Joining method and material: TIG Welding, S2 "Supersteel" filler rods, 2% thoriated 1.6mm tungstens.

Bare frame mass (kg): 44.6


TYPE: Double Over Head Cam, 16-valve,

Inline four-cylinder, liquid-cooled 4-stroke

Displacement: 599 cc

Bore & Stroke: : 59.0 x 54.8 mm (2.32 x 2.16 in)

Compression Ratio: 12.0 : 1

Peak Horsepower: ~76 hp @ 10000 rpm

Peak Torque: ~45 ft-lbs @ 8250 rpm

Lubrication: Wet sump, SAE 20W40

Clutch type: Wet, multiple disc

Fuel System: Electronic Fuel Injection driven by MoTeC M800, Regulated 50psi with return line

Cooling system: Liquid

Ignition: 2 Coil, Wasted Spark

Ignition timing: Mapped to throttle position sensor in 1000 RPM bands

Injection: 65mm before intake port, high impedance

Intake: Nylon 3D Printed Plenum with Aluminium Runners, Single trumpet and Throttle Body with 20mm restrictor

Exaust: 4-2-1 (Suitable for Low RPM, High Torque)

Special Features: Converted from Carbureted Fuel System to EFI, Tuned for 98 and E85,ECU is mapped with several performance profiles to suit each race event (Such as Max Efficiency, Acceleration, Balanced).


Gearbox: Constant mesh, 6 speed

Primary Reduction: Spur gear, 82/48 (1.708)

Secondary Reduction: Chain drive, 45/15 (3.000)

Final Drive: 530 Chain, 106 links

Gear Ratios:
1st = 37/13    (2.846)
2nd = 37/19   (1.947)
3rd = 31/20   (1.550)
4th = 28/21   (1.333)
5th = 31/26   (1.192)
6th = 30/27   (1.111)

Tyres, Suspension, Steering, Brakes

Tyres: Hoosier R25B 20.5x6.0-13 A2500

Front Brakes: 2x Outboard (in wheel) Single 256mm discs with 4-piston calipers

Rear Brakes: 1x Inboard (on rear spool) Single 256mm disc with 4-piston caliper

Type: Double Wishbone, Direct Acting

Coilovers: Penske 7800 Quarter M Shocks

Steering Ratio: 6.4:1

Special Features: Universal uprights, Caliper Adapters